Ronald McDonald House Charity

The Ronald McDonald House Charity is another deserving organization that members of our staff avidly dedicate their time to.

The Ronald Macdonald House provides a place of residence for the families of hospitalized children for the duration of their treatment. 2010 saw the opening of the 300th ‘House’ all of which are positioned close to major treatment centers worldwide. Here, theronald families receive their own private room, home cooked meals and a play center for the children.

The charity believes that when families are together they’re stronger. For these children there is nothing more traumatic than being in a strange environment without the comfort of parents and siblings. Families often travel hundreds of miles to find suitable care for their child, and paying for hotels is not always possible; especially as some children are treated for extensive periods of time. The Ronald Macdonald House charity provides this accommodation, for a small donation of $25 or less per night. However, no family is ever turned down. This fee will always be wavered if they do not have the means to pay.

Myra Williams, Kathy Jones and Stacy Stewart all volunteer to prepare home cooked meals for the families. It is just one small gesture that makes a huge difference to these families’ lives and gives them more time to spend with their children. So for this we would like to congratulate you for all the time and energy you have dedicated to this cause. Keep up the good work!