These products are for use on virtually all masonry surface to repair damage and waterproof.


DuraQuartz is a versatile substance that can be applied as a thick paste or as a liquid to any stable surface including concrete, marble, wood and tiling. Its three composites enable it to adhere to any surface to create a smooth sturdy base. DuraQuartz is an ideal solution to repair any material damaged by vibration, erosion or chemicals.

ENECRETE WP is a reparative coating for holes and cracks in any masonry structure, including concrete brick and stone. The product acts as a quick drying waterproof sealant that’s strong enough to hold even under chemical attack, hydraulic pressure and frost. ENECRETE WP is designed to set within one minute, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. ENECRETE WS is designed to waterproof whole areas of porous masonry, such as wells and reservoirs.


DuraFill is robust and versatile floor filler for use on all types of masonry, metal, thick plastic and even glass. It can be used to repair corrosive damage, cracking or deep holes on slight or vast areas of flooring. The extra strong adhesive is impact and thermal shock resistant, greatly extending the useable life of your flooring. DuraFill can also be combined with colored aggregates for a color matching finish.