These products are designed to repair and protect the majority of equipment and fluid flow systems delaying replacements. They are easy to use, fast drying, strong and durable coatings.They can be applied to various problems and surfaces.

CeramAlloy CP+ & CeramAlloy CP+AC

Ceram Alloy CP+ is designed to repair damage caused by erosion or corrosion in any fluid flow component. The sealant paste can be applied cold to virtually any robust surface with a trowel. Once it is dried the component hardens to form a hard ceramic-like compound effectively repairing the damage. For extreme cases of erosion or corrosion we use Enecon’s CeramAlloy +AC (Advanced Composite).

CeramAlloy CL+ & CeramAlloy CL+AC

CeramAlloy CL+ is a two component liquid polymer that can be applied to your machinery to provide repair and protection against further erosion or corrosion. CeramAlloy CL+ can be easily applied with a brush or roller and dries with a solid ceramic-like finish. It is also approved by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) for use on nuclear equipment. CeramAlloy CL+AC (Advanced Composite) Is available for severe erosion and protection.

CeramAlloy CBX

CeramAlloy CBX is a three composite compound that rebuilds repairs and protects against machines located in extremely abrasive environments. The paste is easily applied by trowel and dries to a metal-hard finish without heat.

SpeedAlloy & SpeedAlloy QS

SpeedAlloy is ‘leak stopping’ paste that when cured provides a hard watertight seal. It can be applied to any holes or cracks, enabling the machine to be back in production within minutes. Speed Alloy QS dries in seconds rather than minutes; perfect for industries where down time is not possible. Both SpeedAlloy and SpeedAlloy QS are easy to apply by trowel and require no heat to cure.



DurAlloy is two part polymer composite that can repair holes, cracks and erosion when applied. It dries with a metal hard finish and can be sanded, machines and polished, to disguise the application. DurAlloy can easily be applied by trowel and requires no heat.