ENECLAD FPS-2000 provides flooring protection in extreme environments where it is heavily used. The polymer based composite is strong and durable enough for use in heavily trafficked areas, air craft hangers and other areas subject to heavy bouts of oil and chemical attacks.
ENCLAD SuperBond

ENCLAD SuperBond is a high performance adhesive designed to attach new materials to existing ones. These substances include concrete, tiles, stone, wood and even glass. The strong two component adhesive significantly increases the strength of the materials combined. ENECLAD SuperBond can also be used as a bonding agent for items permanently submerged such as ship hulls and swimming pools.

ENECLAD SPS is a sealant that is applied over the ENCLAD products to give a clean, smooth and even finish. SPS is very simple to apply and has no odor. It can be applied to any concrete substrate and is impact and erosion resistant.


ENCLAD CFS is a clear concrete sealer that can be applied to concrete, brick, slate and even wood to provide a high shine smooth and dust free surface.